The informational interview

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There ought to be a class in college simply called the The Importance of the Informational Interview and How to Network.

I Know that I have learned so much from the informational interviews that I have been on not to mention the amazing contacts people are willing to give you if you simply take the time to reach out and network. I absolutely know that pound per pound the job opportunities and internship opportunities I have found have come from networking.

I have learned so much college about how to be a great PR professional but know one really ever told me about the interview process or how awful it is talking about yourself. So I think along with campaigns, every senior should be required to take a class on how to enter the job market. Maybe they could name the class after me? Then again maybe not!


It is almost over…

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It being my college career of course and for the first time I am feeling sad about the end. Not because I want to stay in school, I am really excited about not having to go to class everyday, but because I was so busy I kinda forgot to stop and enjoy the ride.

Between Cine, the film festival, campaigns and Peabody I have been going here there and everywhere. The funny thing about that though is that I have really loved all of the things I have been able to work on not mention all that I have learned from those experiences as well.

So I guess if I had it to do all over again I would be just as involved but I would have a few more dinners with my friends instead of a frozen dinner and an all night study session!

Me and the PR Peeps

Misty Water Colored Memories of the Way we Were

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So I know I promised another post about Marvin Hamlisch, so here it is. Like I mentioned in my post about the film festival the Friday night movie was the Way we Were and the nights special guest was Marvin Hamlisch, who wrote the music to the movie.

Well Mr. Hamlisch had flown into Atlanta that day and was driven to Athens by one of the film festival’s board members, Gene Younts . My job was to meet him at the stage door and basically stay with him for the evening, well that turned into one amazing story…

After Robert introduced the film and Marvin as the special guest, we all went backstage, were I learned that my Dad(who I made come to the festival for one night) and I along with Gene were going to dinner with Marvin Hamlisch!! I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest, I was going to go to dinner with a three time Academy Award winner not to mention a musical genius and well I’m just me.

So we went to The National and my Dad and I manged to make intelligent conversation. We talked about what we thought were the best movies over the past 5 years, we talked Broadway and we even shared a dessert.

After dinner we headed back to the Classic Center so that Mr. Hamlisch could speak after the movie. He and Robert talked about the process of writing the score for the theme song and of course about Barbara( I love her too!) then he went to the piano and began to play the Way We Were. I am not ashamed to admit that it moved me to tears, it is in my opinion one of the most beautiful songs of all time. I am not doing the story justice, I tell it better in person so if you see me ask about my dinner with Marvin Hamlisch, one of only 12 people to win all four major US performing awards, the Grammy, the Oscar, the Tony and the Emmy!

Do It Legally

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Check out the video of our client presentation for the Do It Legally campaign! It was a great experience working on the campaign. The presentation really does a great job of giving the best of highlights of our campaign so please give it a look:)

Robert Osborne Film Festival

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I know I write a lot about the festival, but what I can I say it’s the greatest thing ever! The festival was April 10-13 and it was amazing. I was there everyday working handing out programs, selling t-shirts, and my favorite job- playing Vana White with Robert. Every show you could enter to win a gift basket from TCM by filling out a ticket. After the movie Robert and I would come out with the bowl of tickets and we would draw names, it was heavenly being on stage with Robert!

I was most looking forward to the screening of The Way We Were, and it did not disappoint (more to come on that amazing evening in another post) I also really loved Lawrence of Arabia. I had seen the movie before, but this was a flawless print on the big screen and my description would not to it justice. Anne Coates, who had edited the film was there to talk about the film and to hear her talk about Peter O’toole and Omar Sharif was a once in a lifetime experience. I actually ended up sitting next to her during the lunch that we had during the intermission of the film and she is a delight.

Overall it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The weekend reinforced my love for classic movies and how much I enjoy being able to work with an event or organization that promotes these great films. As I head off into the work world, I really do hope that I will be able to work on something that I am as passionate about as I am classic films.

I know I keep saying pictures are coming but I promise they are. Professional photographers seem to take awhile!

Still Doing It Legally

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Alright kids if you didn’t get a chance to come to the amazing Face the Music: A Panel Discussion on Digital Media Downloading(where we gave away free stuff, like t-shirts and downloads! Don’t you wish you had come?), check out our podcast!

Here is some quick info about the panelists:

 Nelson Wells: Co-founder of Team Clermont, a music industry Public Relations firm

 Mike Dekle: Singer and songwriter whose songs have been recorded by some of country music’s greatest artists

 Matt Winston: Assistant to the President at the University of Georgia

 Matthew Grayson: Senior Reporter at the Red and Black

 Chris Utah: Director of Subscriber Acquisitions for Ruckus

 Dr. Bill Lee: Professor in the Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass   Communication

 Imaad Rasheid: UGA student who faced repercussions for illegally downloading

 That’s me with the podcast Mic!

Give it up for podcasting



Do It leaglly video

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check out one of our YouTube videos! Spread the word